There are a few trends and situations to consider when selling a property.

Timing: With the current economic condition, many home owners are trying to decide if they should sell now or wait until property values increase. Many home owners are in a position/situation, where they do not have to sell.

Selling alternative: One attractive alternative for home owners in the central Texas area is the Rental Property market. This market is growing very rapidly, primarily due to the growing number of families who are not now in a financial position to purchase a home. Everybody has to live somewhere. Many of these families are looking for a home to rent, but at the same time, want a long term commitment as security for raising their family. To the home owner, this could turn a potential loss of home equity into an investor’s and home owner’s profitable long term investment!

Rental Property Management Many home owners do not have the resources or the time required to properly manage the requirements of a Landlord -Tenant relationship and just need a quick avenue to investment success. We review available options with the seller to achieve investment success. If you want to hear about all your options, you have come to the right place.

We try to work with you to come up with a viable option for you. We are the Dedicated Advocates for the home owner!

If you are in such a situation and would like to discuss your options please give us a call at 512-575-4857.





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